Dr. Ted Fang

“Dr. Ted Fang was really, truly one of (if not) my very first dental client, back when I was working for my parents and Blatchford Solutions in the early 2000’s. In fact, it was in working with Ted that I realized working on site with a client was the best way to work through the sometimes frustrating back-and-forth process that happens before a brand is finalized. In fact, at the time I was using a desktop Windows 98 machine that crashed every hour from the simplest renderings. I actually unplugged it, put it in my 1996 Honda Accord 2 door dream car, and drove it the 2 hours to Ted’s old practice.”

“And it worked! At that visit we made the last few adjustments, and he was ready to go.”

“Over the years we’ve done absolutely every marketing project conceivable, from building and designing his beautiful new practice on a shoestring budget, to a couple of websites, to ads and ads and more ads, direct mail. Everything.”

“And the result is that he is THE cosmetic dentist in his area – something many told him could never happen. Hah!”

Client since: 2002