Janice Hurley-Trailor

“Nancy developed my materials & website which made ME look good and then she went on to make many of my clients ‘look good’ with their own materials. As a dental consultant, many times the most valuable thing I can do for my clients is to lead them to other professionals. My clients have loved working with Nancy. They find her to be talented, an excellent communicator, and a very warm thoughtful person. One of Nancy’s strengths is her willingness to travel to where you are to uncover your true self so she can express the real you in your marketing materials. I think this is one of her secrets to making your materials look different than anyone else’s. Her process saves both money and time. She’s talented and she thinks big for all of us. When the final product depicts you as this very successful professional, your actions and thought process can only follow suit to match that image. Everyone wants and deserves someone that makes them look good!!”

Speaker, Consultant, Author
Image Expert
Client since: 2003