Your Image: What Does It Say About You?

Your Image: What Does It Say About You?

The perception in the dental industry has been that if you open your doors, patients will simply walk through them. The idea of branding yourself seemed ludicrous and unnecessary. With the vastly improved care that dentists have been able to provide for the past 30 years, however, the pain and discomfiture that used to bring new patients to your door is no longer a driving issue.

So what is a highly advanced and qualified dentist to do? Follow the lead of other service industries -- create an image and brand that image in your marketplace.

Image and branding are new concepts in the arena of dentistry. Since you are your service and product, you must learn to package yourself, and offer yourself to your marketplace. If people (the marketplace) do not know that you exist, it follows that they will not be able to find you. You must decide what you are (your image) and tell people about it (branding)-- a very simple, and yet very difficult task to do.

Why is it difficult? Because contrary to common belief, you are the last person who should be packaging yourself. Only an outside observer can take your attributes and present them to the people you most want in your practice. Just as you would hire a lawyer answer your legal questions and defend you if the need arose, you benefit from having a professional to create a fluid Identity Package and promote your package to your individual marketplace.

You need professional help. You need an expert in marketing and an expert in the dental field. You need someone who can do whatever it takes to get your image out into your market. You need someone who will answer your individual needs and offer you individual solutions.

In just one meeting with Nancy Lashley of Athena Marketing, you can begin to adjust your image to match who you and your team truly are in order to attract the patients who value what you have to offer. Call or email now to set up your complimentary consultation and learn tips on how to upgrade your image overnight, and walk away feeling in control of the destiny of your practice

by Nancy Lashley | Athena Marketing
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